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The History Of Aqua Tongue

When Darren Chan moved closer to the beach on the Central Coast he decided to take up  standup paddle boarding, as a way to get fit and have some fun. He would go out surfing on his standup paddle board but could only last about an hour, without coming back to the beach for a drink. He was constantly getting smashed in the surf and getting sea water down his throat.He would get extremely thirsty and dehydrated especially for a 40 year old unfit man. Returning to the beach to get to his gear for a drink was both a lengthy and exhausting process.  Darren initially tried experimenting with backpacks. The problem of wearing back packs strapped to his wetsuit is that when he got smashed by waves he would get tangled in the straps of the backpack. The other problem is that they were bulky and he would get a lot of weird looks from other surf users (not in a nice way) for wearing a backpack into the water. 

Darren was faced with a problem, in order to have an enjoyable, lengthy session out in the surf, he either needed to wear an uncomfortable back pack hydration system or conform to the norm like everyone else and paddle back to the beach when he was thirsty.

He decided on a new revolutionary design to incorporate the two needs. Ease of hydration and a comfortable delivery system. 

Aqua Tongue was born.

Darren re-imagined the typical wetsuit and incorporated the unique idea of actually embedding the bladder into the wetsuit. This allows functionality whilst in the surf without compromising range of movement.

The Aqua Tongue wetsuit design allows water sports enthusiasts to be able to take 1.5 Litres of water into the surf comfortably. Allowing access to a hydration source while out in the surf is going to allow you to enjoy your paddle or surf longer and that is always a good thing!


After lots of prototypes and testing Aqua Tongue wetsuits has been perfected. Built for necessity, designed for performance.